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New Version of Google Analytics Now Available For Everyone!

Navneet Kaushal Posted by

Google has released the Google Analytics V5, the newest Google Analytics to all users (of all languages). Users can find a ‘New Version’ link on the top right of their account page when they sign in. The new version has some notable changes made to it such as the redesigned interface, event goals, multiple customizable dashboards, more powerful custom reports and the search term cloud visualization among others. Accessing both versions of Google Analytics (the old and the V5), and switching between them is possible.

The graphical and faster interface and the multiple dashboards features of the new version seem to be impressing site owners who have expressed their delight. It allows users to create a dashboard for each person or group involved with a site. A maximum number of 20 custom dashboards with up to 12 widgets for each dashboard can be created with the latest version. Another feature in the new version worth mention is the event-based goals that informs the user when a PDF white paper is downloaded. The user can also give different values to white papers on the basis of the business value of each download.

So far, the new Google Analytics have generated both positive and negative buzz from various users. While some find the new additions and improvements helpful, there are others that points out certain snags, comparing the V5 to its older form. Rachael Gerson from Seer Interactive, although she has another list of likes, lists 15 reasons why the new Analytics version disappoints. She rates each on the level of its severity using Critical, Important, Annoying and Minor Issue to denote the criticality of each.

Rachael’s list of issues regarding the new Analytics includes Report Export (Critical), Schedule & Email Reports (Critical), Date-Over-Date Comparison (Critical), Goal Sets No Longer Show Visit Numbers (Important), Graphing by Week (Annoying), Settings & Navigation (Annoying), View Overall Conversion Rate (Annoying), In Page Analytics (Minor Issue) and so on.

Google is reported to have promptly fixed some of the issues being pointed out by various users. Seems like the Google Analytics Team is working hard on making it better, and is apparently making progress too. Let’s hope that all the issues gets fixed while it is still in beta version. Meanwhile, users can join the Google forum for the new Analytics beta and raise queries or discuss or follow Google Analytics on Twitter for any new update.


About the Author: Nav is the founder and CEO of Page Traffic, a premier search engine company known for its assured SEO service, web design and development, copywriting and full time SEO professionals. Navneet has wide experience in natural search engine optimization, internet marketing and PPC campaigns. He is a prolific writer and his articles can be found in the "Best Articles" section of many websites and article banks. As a search engine analyst , he has over 9 years of experience and his knowledge is in application here.

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